the bioindividual
approach to health


an advocate for optimal health.


Welcome. I’m Kristine Mahan, MNT. Function of Well Nutrition is a private practice in Denver, Colorado. As a functional nutritionist, I’m here to meet you where you’re at and advocate for your optimal health. I find mission in helping people overcome health challenges to feel well because I have been on the other side.

I spent many of my young years sick and was left hanging to find my own healing by the paradigm of conventional medicine. Through the principles and application of functional health care, I healed myself. As I found out the hard way for myself, a nutrient-dense diet, proper supplementation, and attention to the mind-body connection are keys to vitality.

Together, we’ll figure out your unexplained symptoms by getting to their root cause. We’ll address your health concerns by looking at the body as a whole - everything is connected. We’ll take proactive steps to manage your health and save money in the longterm on prescriptions, unnecessary testing, and surgeries.



services to support


free intro calls

15 minute phone call for you to tell me your goals, ask me questions, and hear about my training and philosophy. This call is a great way to gauge how we will work together.



A 90 minute session for people new to Function of Well Nutrition. We will discuss your intake forms, lab work, and health history during this time. Throughout the session we will create a long term plan based on your health goals. This can include dietary changes, custom meal plans, supplement protocols, and ordering further testing.


update meetings

Update meetings allot 60 minutes to review your goals, monitor symptoms, and review health updates. This is a time to discuss progress, address concerns or changing goals, and modify protocols. At every update meeting you will leave a clear process to follow.


check-in calls

30 minutes in-person or over the phone to revisit your process for a quick support call with clients already in my practice. You have a quick question but don’t need a full update visit. Think remedies for the common cold, supplement questions, or diet updates.


grocery store tours

A 60 minute walk-through of a grocery store. This is exceptionally useful for those looking to start on their functional health journey or improve their current knowledge. Aside from receiving a free copy of my ebook, Meal Prep Workbook, you’ll leave with my master cheat sheet to grocery shopping.



science-based nutrition therapy proven to help create optimal health


☑ address food allergies and intolerances

☑ achieve and maintain weight loss

☑ balance hormones

☑ manage chronic conditions and disease

☑ prevent conditions and disease

☑ improve sleep

☑ manage anxiety and stress

☑ heal the gut and improve digestion



intro package for
optimal health


This welcome package includes three sessions together and saves $25 from purchasing your Initial Consultation and two Update Meetings individually. Most clients need two to four update meetings to learn and receive support in incorporating dietary and lifestyle change. If I suggest at the initial consult for clients to have further labs done, the following update meetings create a well-rounded picture of health to investigate in further update meetings. This is an excellent way to invest in yourself through your optimal health. The body is an ecosystem that we must address by all of its interconnected systems.