Hi there! I'm Kristine Mahan, CNTP. A functional nutritionist and the gal behind these recipes and wellness posts. I own Function of Well Nutrition LLC, a private practice but also see clients over the phone from sunny Denver, Colorado.

I'm lucky to live in Colorado where there is easy access to nature, something my East Coast upbringing didn’t quite measure up to. On the weekends you’ll find me in the mountains but these days during the week I’m working to wrap up my studies. In 2019, I’ll become a board-certified master of nutrition therapy (BCHN, MNT).

I know a thing or two about achieving optimal health through my own experience. I find mission from my experiences in helping others heal. Healing my own health back in college got me in the kitchen, in-touch with my surroundings, and I'll never look back. I'm really passionate about functional health care because it looks at the whole body to treat root causes, not just isolated symptoms.

Functional approaches to health begin with quality nutrients that build us up. I want to know where my food comes from, how to prepare it most nutritiously, and how to source it sustainably. We are what we eat eats, after all. With experience on my side and two years of intense nutrition education, below is how this whole wellness thing seems to work and I'm here to help you achieve it. 

Keys to wellness in short: 

  • Food is preventive health care.

  • Your whole history is your health story, everything is connected.

  • Heal the root cause, don't just treat the symptoms.

  • Listen to your body.

No one diet or lifestyle is a panacea for everyone and everything, and it's vital in achieving wellness to experiment with what makes you feel good. This is called the bioindividual approach. I can say with conviction that we are beings whose wellness is based on bioindividuality. On this site you'll find functional food recipes that I've developed to foster optimal health. They're generally free of dairy, gluten, and refined sugar. But as always, roll with how ya feel. 

Beyond nutrition and advocating for a non-toxic, minimalist lifestyle, I also dabble as a guide of stråla yoga. Stråla brought me back to myself through movement, and now there’s no greater feeling than to inspire the process of feeling in others. Everything starts from within and I’m beyond thankful to have the privilege now to inspire others in my community to try the same process. The modalities of movement do more for our bodies than just a practice of exercise, it’s an approach to life with ease. If you're interested in having me guide events or private lessons, reach out via the contact tab! 



what I’m reading

on the bedside table now:

  • Your Genius Body - Andrew Rostenberg

noteworthy reads of 2018:

  • Biology of Belief - Bruce Lipton

  • The Vegetarian Myth - Lierre Keith

  • Statin Nation - Justin Smith

  • Grass-Fed Nation - Graham Harvey

  • Grass, Soil, Hope - Courtney White

  • Prescription for Nutritional Healing - Phyllis A. Balch

podcasts on queue

  • Bulletproof Radio

  • Revolution Health Radio

  • Wellness Mama Podcast

  • FX Medicine

  • SIBO Podcast



What do you eat? The foods I include or avoid in my diet are always in flux as products of following how I feel. I like my animal products pasture-raised and my plants organically grown. Whatever my food choice, I do my best to ensure it's coming from somewhere responsible for the sake of the environment, animal, farmer, and my own nutrition. In general, I try to roll with locality and the seasons.

How do you have time to cook? Meal prep and prioritizing. I prioritize cooking my own food as an act of self-care, to save money, and cooking is like an art form for me. Check out my shop to buy Meal Prep Workbook. 

Where do you shop? Anywhere that sells organic and responsible foods. In Denver, that's a place called Natural Grocers. I tend to buy ingredients like sprouted flour and nuts in bulk online to save money.

What's in your kitchen? I'm a minimalist of almost all entities when it comes to things. If I don't need it to function, I don't own it. Have a check of my Sustainable + Non-Toxic Kitchen Guide.